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Sanaynay’s Week 4 DFS Breakdown


UPDATES 5/6 @ 12:52pm
– The New Orleans Breakers cut TJ Logan. Wheels up for Jordan Ellis
– Half of the Birmingham Stallions are sick. Some, if not all, will play. I’m fading them given what we’ve seen with active players not touching the field and limited practices all week
– Bailey Gaither is DOUBTFUL this weekend. After suiting up and not playing last week, complete fade.

Below is a depth chart for reference if you need help filling out lineups.





Kyle Sloter (New Orleans Breakers – $10,200)

Sloter dropped back 50 times in Week 3’s loss to the Stallions. The Stallions were able to consistently get pressure and throw Sloter off of his game. I don’t expect the Gamblers to get that kind of pressure. The Gamblers have given up a total of 88 points so far during this short season, which is by far the most. I expect the Breakers to have their way with the Gamblers early and often.


Case Cookus (Philadelphia Stars – $6,500)

It looks like Bryan Scott is going to miss extended time, possibly the remaining 5 games. I still want the Philadelphia Stars QB. Straight up, they throw on almost 75% of their plays. Michigan is a good team and is coming off of a shutout, but Pittsburgh shouldn’t have been shut out. They turned the ball over on downs twice inside the 10 and missed multiple FGs. Cookus played well in relief for Scott. He went 13/20 for 146 yards and a score. He has a strong arm and a history from college of slinging it. He threw for almost 12,000 yards and over 100 TDs. I’ll take the volume for Cookus.


De’Andre Johnson (New Jersey Generals – $8,000)

Johnson took over the game Sunday night in the 2nd half. After playing much better than Perez throughout the first 3 weeks of the season, it’s hard to envision him not getting the majority of the snaps moving forward. If the Generals fall behind, we likely see Perez. But in Week 4, Johnson is a 9-point favorite. They face the Maulers, who just got bullied on the ground. Johnson ended up with 65% of the QB snaps and ran the ball 11 times, dropping back only 12 times. He accrued 91 yards on the ground with a score and 130 yards in the air.



Paul Terry (Philadelphia Stars – $3,300)

Paul Terry basically allows you to play anyone you want on this slate. He is criminally underpriced and is possibly the most valuable RB overall without even considering his price. Terry saw an 82% snap share and ran a route on 79% of the passing plays. The Stars have no interest in running the ball. This resulted in Terry seeing 9 targets, which led the team.


Jordan Ellis (New Orleans Breakers – $6,400)

If TJ Logan makes his return to the field in Week 4, Ellis will take a step down. Given Logan’s size, I wouldn’t be shocked if he is held back even if he suits up. With Logan out, Ellis saw an elite usage. He saw 80% of the snaps and ran a route on 48% of them. He saw 25 carries and 2 targets. If Logan is healthy, he likely sees 15-20 carries and 1-2 targets. I expect the Breakers to win as they are currently 5-point favorites. UPDATE 5/6 (12:05pm): TJ Logan has been released by the Breakers. This is presumably due to his foot injury. Wheels up for Ellis.


Trey Williams (New Jersey Generals – $7,400)

Trey Williams is an explosive back and I like what I’ve seen out of him so far. The issue with Williams is he is being used between the 20s while Victor and Johnson are tag teaming the redzone. Williams saw some great usage in the air with 5 targets. I like the unusual QB/RB stack if you decide to go with De’Andre Johnson as your QB.


Mark Thompson (Houston Gamblers – $6,200)

Mark Thompson has earned the right for us to call him the best rusher in the USFL. In Week 3 he exploded for 147 yards on 24 carries and a score. He busted a 55-yard run early in the game to help give the Gamblers an early lead. He saw 67% of the RB snaps, but only ran 28% of the routes. He is limited in the air as he only saw 1/10 on 3 targets. We can’t ignore his ability to score 20+ fantasy points any given week. The Gamblers keep finding ways to score points to keep them in games, but I do think that starts to fall off. They are 1-2 with a bad QB and the worst defense in the USFL. 



Jonathan Adams (New Orleans Breakers – $4,300)

I’m going back to the well here. He was dominant in Week 2 and his usage was just fine in Week 3. Most will look at him being 4th on the team in targets, but the Breakers spread the ball around. They still took their shots with Adams and he ran a route on nearly every passing play. He saw 98% snaps and he ran a route on 98% of passing plays. He is a big play waiting to happen and he can rip off large chunks. He led the Breakers in air yards despite only seeing 4 targets.


Jordan Suell (Philadelphia Stars – $7,500)

It is tough to pick between Suell and Gray because I think they both see some run here, but I am going with the guy who is on the field 100% of the snaps and saw 5 targets in Week 3. He also ran a route on 100% of pass plays. To top it off, Suell led the team in air yards with 73 (next closest was Overton with 39).


Victor Bolden (Birmingham Stallions – $9,800)

Bolden simply never comes off the field. He plays 100% of the snaps and runs a route 100% of the time. He saw 12 targets last week in the Stallions’ win over the Breakers. As mentioned before, his aDOT is of concern. Even on 12 targets, he only had 90 air yards. He is getting targets, but they aren’t highly valuable targets. It is hard to dismiss his volume and with how other players are priced on this slate, his price tag isn’t a concern.


Lance Lenoir (Michigan Panthers – $8,500)

I need to mention Lenoir here due to his sheer volume. He was on the field for 97% of the snaps, ran a route on 96% of the passing plays, had 9 targets, and saw 125 air yards. All are elite numbers. I’m fine with throwing Lenoir in your lineup for the sheer upside he presents with raw points. They simply force Lenoir the ball.



Cary Angeline (Birmingham Stallions – $6,300)

Angeline saw an impressive workload in Week 3. He ran a route on 93% of the passing plays and drew 8 targets. He led the team in air yards with 122 despite Bolden having 4 more targets than him. I expect this strong workload to continue into Week 4 as the Stallions have another tough matchup with the Bandits.


Bug Howard (Philadelphia Stars – $4,000)

Howard continues to have great usage. He ran a route on 76% of the passing plays and caught 4 balls for 78 yards and a score, which led his team. He is more of an oversized slot WR than a TE. He is playable every week.


Sal Cannella (New Orleans Breakers – $5,300)

Cannella is a solid target that will likely go overlooked. He runs a route on nearly every pass play at a 94% clip. He saw 10 targets for a nice 91 air yards. He was able to finish with 6 for 64. No reason to think this slows up in Week 4.



New Orleans Breakers ($5,200)

The Breakers face the Gamblers in Week 4. This COULD potentially turn into a high scoring game as the Gamblers always seem to find a way to have the ball bounce their way for points. The Breakers are 5-point favorites and are expected to score early and often, forcing Thorson to throw the ball. This sets up nicely for them to pin their ears back and force mistakes.


New Jersey Generals ($5,000)

The Generals get the Maulers in Week 4. The Maulers don’t really know who their QB is anymore as Love only took 65% of the snaps while Lauletta took 35%. Neither QB is good and it showed when the Michigan Panthers shut them out last week. The Generals are a 9-point favorite in this one, don’t overthink it. 


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